LR 3 and broken background rendering of previews?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Macinposh, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Jun 7, 2006
    Tried to search,didnt find anything.

    In LR 2 you could import a folder and it would render the preview images in the background. With big imports,you could leave it on for the night,if neccessary.

    Now,with LR 3(.2) that wont work?!

    I mean,it only renders a handfull images and the processor useage droppes close to zero.
    If you are doing full screen browsing you only get couple of frames pre rendered and after that,it starts the "loading" routine and it becomes impossible to work (i.a too slow).

    Back to LR2.7 or is there a fix for this? It the 3.2 borked?

    MP 1.1,4870,10Gigs and whatnot.
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    Jun 7, 2006


    And jeesus,feels like Lightroom has taken 23 steps backwards in every aspect with the LR3... ****ing horrible.

    Vignetting engine = Fail
    Importing = UBER fail
    General UI = Uuh...

    I mean...Adobe? Come on?
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    Ugh I don't miss these types of things. (I switched to Aperture after being a Lightroom user since the original beta).

    A few things that I'm sure you already tried but I'll post them to be safe:

    1. Complete removal (you have to use adobes uninstaller if I remember right) and reinstallation of LR

    2. How much RAM do you have? LR3 seems to need much more RAM than LR2.

    3. Run a check disk on the drive your pictures are on. If the drive has bad sectors this can greatly increase LR's issues.

    4. Run a repair on permissions and keychain. Granted this will probably have no effect but surprisingly sometimes it can if a program is being problematic.

    5. Make sure to manually run adobe updater after a full reinstall. Sometimes Adobe Updater won't catch all updates for whatever reason.

    Also if your drive that your pics are on is attached via USB this can be an issue too. Firewire or eSata is recommended if they are on an external.

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