Lubbos Fan Control & Hot MBP


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Jul 31, 2010
Hi All,

New to the forum but had a good lurk before I bought my new MBP.

I have had it for around 10 days and it is an awesome bit of kit. I have it set up running bootcamp with Windows 7 32bit on the Bootcamp drive and Mac OS on the other partition.

I noticed that it has been running very warm - almost burn your hand on the back left hand side of the unit but only seems to get veruy hot in Winodws - under Mac OS the fans seem a little more active.

After a good search on the web I installed Lubbo's Fan Control.

I up'd the min fan speed from 2000 to 2500rpm but since installing the program my fans seem much more active. I have dropped the min rpm back down to 2000 but they still seem way more active.

MBP is currently running at 58c or 136f - does this seem hot?
What are the general thoughts on the piece of software - I am running Bootcamp version or product build 3.1

Many thanks.



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Jul 31, 2010
Thanks guys, reading that makes me feel better. I know that they are not really laptops nowadays and they are actually portable computers so I am happy.

Thanks for the feedback.



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Sep 21, 2008
First off, I don't use "Lubbo's MacBook Pro Fan Control."

It hasn't broken anything, but I was having the overly active fan problem.

I've been using macfan.

It's a simple command line interface.

C:\macfan\macfan.exe 3500 3500

That sets both fans to 3500 RPM minimum. Works the same way as SMC Fan Control.

I think 3500 is the magic RPM where it's still pretty quiet, but the machine is also just slightly warm to the touch.

You can create a shortcut to it with the command line arguments and place the shortcut in your startup folder so the fans automatically speed up once you start Windows.

Also, be sure to try to find the latest updates for your graphics card and chipset. NVIDIA seems to make the drivers better and better with every new release (Thank goodness!).

I think my CPU temps hover around 120F or so when idle.


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Oct 21, 2006
Temperature issues / Lubbos Fan Control

I have a MBP 13" late 2011. I am using Windows XP under VirtualBox to run one piece of software I can't run in Mac. I thought it was "running hot". Reading the above, I have installed iStats to try to find out how hot, and it says:

HD - 34
CPU - 84
Enclosure base - 31
Enclosure base 2 - 31
EB 3 - 32
Heatsink B 53
Memory bank A1 - 45
Mem module A1 - 55

Is this within 'normal parameters'? Or should I worry more? Perhaps I should put in something like Lubbo to attempt to switch on the fans (more) under XP?

I did download Lubbo but this leads to my next question: how do you actually install it? I get a zipped file that I have downloaded within Firefox under XP as I assumed I need to install it on my XP virtual machine, but I don't understand which file to use, 'run', 'execute' or do anything else with. There appears to be no instructions. I can't find an 'exe' flle. There is, enticingly, a folder called __MACOSX - with a file and further directiroy within it .... who knows.

Any help much appreciated.


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Jan 12, 2013
After upgrading to Windows 8.1 I haven't bothered installing any fan control, frame rate counter, temp monitor, or benchmark. Just an SMC reset, a clean OS, the latest Nvidia drivers, Steam, COD Ghosts, Tomb Raider and Assassins Creed III. Plug in a wired 360 controller and good to go. Been playing a lot lately with no performance issues.

I'm done worrying about the heat. If the fans kick in I assume the Mac knows what it's doing.
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