Lucid dreaming. Using my Mac. Err... wait, Windows?


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Nov 14, 2010
I'm an Austronaut
Good morning MacRumors friends;

I'm a person with lucid dreams as many of you, however, it is once I'm awake that I realize that I was lucid dreaming when I recall parts of the dream that were inconsistent or boldly ridiculous.

When I have dreams in which I feel terrified and scared I quite feel it coming. This time, in the dream I was in bed and my mom was outside my room and asked my if I was sleeping; she said she saw lights were on outside her room and wanted to check I wasn't feeling sick at night. I politely and still half-sleep asked her to leave because I didn't know if I was in a dream and if it turned out to be a nightmare I didn't want to relate her to it. She understood about it and left. Then I felt as someone was crawling on my bed, began feeling terrified and I fell down the bed when I rolled. Quickly I went to check the time on my Mac.

In the real world I use Awaken as an alarm clock and it's set up to 5:30 AM on a Mac Mini. In the dream I checked the time on the display and I could barely see the time as if I was using polarized sunglasses and the angle affected my viewing. I realized it wasn't yet 5:30 AM, so I blink repeatedly and the times were disparate in each blink. Then I realized I was lucid dreaming and wanted to check the time in the menubar too. There was no menubar on the top of the screen. It was running on Windows. (Funny because I haven't use Windows since 2007). Then I found the un-themed Start button and looked up for the Shut Down option and found it, but then I got distracted by seeing the decorations on top of my computer shelves. Those were older decorations from when I was a teenager an not longer in display --so I said, if it's a lucid dream I can make changes to my surroundings. I jumped to see the top shelves and blinked while imaging that I would have now desk plants in the shelves an indeed the shelve decorations turned into plants.

Once again I tried to shut down the Windows computer but the option was now grayed and so I push the On/Off button on the CPU tower. By then I noticed my room door was opened and the lights from the hallway were on, so were my room lights. (In the movie Walking Life they mentioned that light switches don't work and I was tempted to try). The light switch behave weird then confirming I was dreaming. I didn't have computer on my desk anymore when I turned around, no tower, no display. My alarm in the real world started beeping and I started writing this to share here.

Please write here your computer experiences while dreaming, lucid or not.


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Aug 24, 2009
I had a strange dream where my G4 started hopping about like the Pixar luxo lamp. It wasn't the main part of the dream, but it was in there.


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May 3, 2009
I'm on medication for my asthma that has a stated side affect of vivid dreams and boy they are. I've never experienced dreaming like this since I'm now on the medication but since it keeps me breathing I'll live with the dreams