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Sep 4, 2009

Category: Lifestyle
Size: 14.5 MB
Price: $1.99

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Emantras Inc, has submitted Lucky Me Plus, a much improved sequel to the popular lifestyle app – Lucky Me Lite, to the App Store for approval. The developers of Lucky Me Lite are now out to give the iPhone users some more joy by introducing the pro version called Lucky Me Plus. According to Emantras Inc, Lucky Me Plus is now a loaded iPhone/iPod touch game with 14 back to back games, and lot of customizing features. It comes with a customized play list and a quick luck option, and allows users to ‘tweet’ their scores apart from a few more exhilarating features.

The developers of the game feel Lucky me Plus has innate features to cater to a wide segment of audience age wise. The game has been submitted on Nov 21 and is likely to be on the iTunes stores by end of Dec 1st week.

App Description:

Get rid of the crystal balls, horoscopes and tarot cards. Lucky Me is a series of chance based games that combine luck, intuition and a wee bit of smartness (yea right).

Shake, tap , pinch, flick.. your way into gauging your luck. After your have pushed your luck to the max, At the end of the activities let our karmic software tell you which direction your luck is headed. Of course our experts are way less skilled than the prison wards that stamp the pieces of paper in your fortune cookie – so once you receive your advice the only thing we recommend is for you to play the game again.

If that’s not enough, you can post your luck (or lack there of) scores on Facebook and twitter to flaunt your luck quotient and hope some of your schmo friends will make you feel better.

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LITE Version
◈ 7 incredible multi-themed challenges.
◈ Customize and edit the app name after you, for e.g: for a name Joe Black, edit the name as "Lucky Joe".
◈ Post your score with a unique message on Facebook.
◈ Multi-gesture games (tilt, tap, pinch, multi-touch, shake).
◈ See your luck meter raise as you keep progressing through the challenges.
◈ Win a lucky charm every-time on getting lucky above 50%.
◈ Set a lucky charm wallpaper on your device.
◈ Compare your luck with your friends and challenge them.

PRO Version
✚ Boost your luck further with the set of powerful 7 MORE NEW GAMES.
✚ Now submit your scores with a funky message to Facebook and Twitter
✚ New game play mode – My favorites (Create your personal game list)
✚ Customize game modes settings – Select, reorder your game list under Quick Luck, Feelin’ Lucky and My Favourites




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Sep 4, 2009
Lucky Me Plus Prices Down 50%, Now for 99 cents

Lucky Me Plus with 14 Novel Games to Predict Your Luck % is Available for 99c Only (Originally $1.99) over the Xmas Weekend Starting 24th Dec.

Signs are that you are already getting lucky to get this game for half the price this weekend.

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