Lucky or got ripped off at an apple store??

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    Hey guys,
    Heres my story and was just wondering whats your opinion, have i got lucky or simply got ripped off. Two weeks ago i broke my iphone 4 screen by throwing it on a table in a angry manner :<. Today i went to apple store and had a genius bar appointment. I had to wait like 10-15 mins extra cus i hadnt checked in or something but i didnt know i had to. Anyways i got to the apple people with ipads checking people in and described the issue and was told that i had to pay the hefty sum of £130+. I said thats alright and proceeded to my apple person who actually does the genius thing. He asked how i managed to break my screen and i said i threw it on a table and he sort of chuckled. Then i told him i was advised to go to apple store not the place where i bought it from because i simply payed for the damage of my iphone and would get a new one. He was like ye but you dont get a new one you get an iphone that may or may not have used parts in it. I was like u mean refurbished and he said na na its brand new, no 1 has touched it or anything. I said fine. Then he brought a new iphone 4, took my old 1 in and activated it, and when i asked him where do i need to pay he was like oh its free. I said literally are you joking. He replied no man its really for free and told me it was because he was happy or something, i cant quite recall. I then received an email from the apple store containing a service record of my visit. It said that my initial iphone 4 was with a broken screen etc and that i was given a replacement with this being in the description box "iPhone 4, 16GB, Black, AR-EMEA
    Replacement Serial Id: xxxxxxxxxxx, IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx " and the price on the side stating £ 115.83 and amount due next to it saying £ 0.0 There were two boxes actually, the first 1 was Repair Estimate and the second 1 was Parts and Services with the second 1 having the description "Same as above".

    So there is my story:rolleyes: You guys think i got ripped off because i sort of got a refurbished 1 (if i hadnt been told it may have used parts in it u could have sworn this was a brand new iphone 4, it had all its plastic coverings and not a single scratch on it.) or i was lucky for not paying my obviously out of warranty screen damage :D

    Thanks you for your answers in advance.
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    From my experience, the Apple "refurbished" phones are as good as new. And for the most part they are new. It likely only has a used main board, which has a very low failure rate. Either way you paid nothing to have a non- functioning user-damaged phone replaced with a fully functional device, something that costs everyone else $200 US. Very lucky.
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    You were totally ripped off. The Apple guy (obviously an agent of Satan) tricked you into receiving stolen goods. Now you can't get into heaven! On the other hand, sweet deal!
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    you got lucky ... unless the Happy Apple guy starts stalking you and wants to facetime you :cool:
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    Regardless, the only iPhones the Genius Bar swap with are "warranty replacements" that can either be new or refurbed, with a 95% (IMO) likelihood that iPhone replacements are going to be refurbed. Refurbs come with a new exterior shell and a new battery.

    So the phone you got was going to be the phone you were going to get regardless of if you paid for it or not.
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    Naw, you got ripped off. You brought in a working phone with a cracked screen and left with a refurb which appears to be new. You also weren't allowed to pay for it.

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