Lumia 920 low-light shootout with Nokia 808, iPhone 5, HTC One X and Galaxy S III


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Apr 24, 2006
If WP7 apps are compatible you have >100,000 to start with. Average quality is better then iOS as WP has no pre-2010 apps (I think WP6.x apps are not compatible)

Have you used a WP7 device? Based on you comments I would say no. The apps on WP are not mature and they are awful. Many lack functionality to Android/iOS versions if they even have a WP app.

The top apps in the app store are all garbage spam apps. I tried to like the Lumia 900 after a few months enough was enough. My phone was free too.


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Jul 5, 2009
Better low light performance in auto mode, thats it. I would put all my money on the SIII over the 920 if you were to let pro photographers compare them. Samsung makes cameras, Nokia doesnt. Big difference.
Geez, who's the blind fanboy now? I haven't seen a single evaluation/review where the camera of the GS3 is found superior to the Lumia 920 (or the iPhone 5, for that matter). Dare you to find one either.

Take a look at the image stabilization test that was also on Engadget. The Lumia pretty much kicked everyones a$$ is that as well, though as a professional photographer, I'm sure you'll being able to identify the fault in that test as well that was the cause of the GS3 defeat, because, you know, Samsung makes cameras, so it must be better.

And last time I checked, the incredibly vast majority of smartphone users aren't pro photographers and won't be using them as pro photographers so best performance on AUTO mode is far more important.


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Aug 9, 2011
Hi guys ! Very excited for the 920 :) i was banned for a few days and came now to find more info about the phone and it just look ****ing great !

I say it before :D these time Nokia deserves my money.


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Jan 14, 2011
Have you used a WP7 device? Based on you comments I would say no.
I setup a Lumia 800 for somebody. Firstly, you have to install less. The 800 comes with a full navi and also MS Office. There is also SkyDrive (7Gb free space). I love the camera OCR translation feature!

I installed WhatsApp (free on WP!). ...and a few more that I forgot. All are nice and flawless and WP7 is more fluid then my iPhone 4. Specially when the camera is open in the Background.

I haven't looked at the WP Marketplace top 10 - but same as iOS top 10, there isn't a single app I need from. Most in iOS are games, where I have zero interest in.

What I didn't like about Lumia 800: No screenshot function (no app for it too), and couldn't find a free weather app that has the info displayed on a tile (iOS has no interactive tiles, but Android has that function and I love that).

So what hinders me from buying the 920?

1. It ain't out yet
2. Maybe it's too big, I rather go for 820, ain't out too
3. Maybe price, $500 is the pain limit
4. I have an iPhone 4 and I change phones rarely. Lets talk in late 2013...

I am not a must-have-the-latest person.


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May 7, 2010
El Paso
My one x camera is noteably inferior for taking photos compared to my 4s. Even HDR shots on the One X are plagued by wrong color saturation or burn out.

Seems like they spent ages on the one X optimising speed and burst mode but forgot that the picture still has to look someway respectable.

The 920 is tempting me seriously at the moment, however after having a Lumia 800 and a Nokia N9 last year, I was very bitterly disappointed with the camera optics in those handsets despite nokia's claims and lab photos that they pushed out at their launches.

For that reason I wait and see 'real human' consumer hands on photos and not Nokia labs shots. Burn me twice shame on you, burn me three times, shame on me...
So true! I loved my Lumia 800 but it's camera was abysmal! Having used an N95 in the past I assumed that the camera from a Nokia device would be great. And boy was I mistaken...I'm waiting on the review from the The Verge and other websites I respect. Also maybe some hands on time in a store.


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Sep 18, 2012
Is it just me who thinks the iPhone 5 is the clear winner in this test? The Nokia is adding a ton of artificial light to the picture. This takes away from the setting in which the original photo was shot. The iPhone 5 does an outstanding job of reproducing the scene and lighting. It's the clear winner as far as I'm concerned.
Yep, that's what am seeing here.

He went to Finland for these spurious results / findings? :p