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Apr 12, 2001

Lutron at ISE 2017 today announced that its whole-home systems HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA 2 will support Apple HomeKit in March.


With a HomeKit-enabled Lutron Connect Bridge, part of the systems, homeowners will be able to to control their lights, window shades and blinds, motion sensors, and more using Apple's new Home app or Siri voice commands on iPhone and iPad. For example, users can ask Siri if the lights are on in the house, and if so, to turn them off.

Lutron's HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA 2 systems are available from authorized dealers throughout Europe.

Article Link: Lutron's Whole-Home Systems Will Support HomeKit Next Month


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Sep 29, 2014
I am assuming the Lutron Connect Bridge is different than the one that comes with Caseta correct or is it the same one?
Seems to me it is very close but different. I believe Caseta uses the same clear connect as the RA2 devices but they don't talk because they have not been allowed to. Now I'm wondering about the Caseta gear I have in comparison to what is coming. I need more information. I have found wall switches meant for QS cheaper than for Caseta. I just want one hub that will control whatever RF switch Lutron sells that meets my price and use.


Jun 24, 2013
I just want their homekit switches to remember their last dimmer setting and perform the same single double touch actions and programming as their dumb switches.

Still wondering where is the simple cap touch oled switch that supports all vacancy sensing and dimmer modes possible with touch screen programmability and direct homekit wifi connectivity. You know the one that lights up like a light switch when you put your hand near and lets you swipe to reprogram proximity settings or dim. The one that costs $30 on amazon and everyone is like omg that is amazing ;)
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