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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by mrdinh, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Sep 7, 2007
    anyone bought it? what is your review? thoughts, recommend this or other iPad stands?

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    May 28, 2010
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    I have the Luxa2 H4 and here are some of my opinions. I can't compare this to other stands as I don't have or haven't used any other stand.

    1. The box the Luxa2 H4 came in was very well designed. The artwork, the box engineering all had a lot of thought put into. The H4 was held securely in the brilliantly designed box. The details they attended to on the box should give some clues to the H4 product quality.
    2. The H4 design and quality was also brilliantly designed as expected. Nice looking (with the exception of the pegs sticking up). I don't now how they could make the product work well without the (odd looking) pegs.
    3. My iPad is in an Incase Book Jacket. I fold the cover over to the back and slide it into the H4. The pegs aren't as noticeable because the iPad in the Incase Book Jacket is as thick as the pegs (the pegs are even or slightly below the level of the Book Jacket).
    4. The iPad in the H4 rotates and tilts very smoothly. I use Real Racing HD and improved my laptimes to a little more than half after I started using the H4 (as opposed to holding the iPad in the air).
    5. The iPad is always in the H4 at home. It charges at night in the office (while in the H4). In the morning the H4 is placed on the kitchen table and used to read the news and watch video news. My wife uses the iPad on the H4 throughout the day moving it around the house. In the evening, I put the H4 next to my Mac Pro and browse the web while I'm working on a few projects on the Mac Pro. When watching TV, I'll browse the web during commercials or during TV shows. I'm watching TV less and less and TV and movies on the iPad more and more.
    6. I can rotate the iPad (in the Incase Book Jacket) a full 360 degrees without worrying if it will slide out of the H4. The combination of the Book Jacket against the rubber boots on the pegs creates enough friction that it won't slide out without some effort.
    7. I have a Bushnell Travel Player that I connect to the iPad (while in the H4) to get much higher audio volume (watching music videos, movies, etc.). The H4 makes it very convenient to hold the iPad while connecting other accessories. I can connect the iPad Camera Connection kit to the iPad (while in the H4) or USB cable. Again the H4 holds the iPad to make connections easy.

    A. After using the H4 for about a month, the tilt is getting a little loose. When tilted to a an angle between horizontal and near vertical, the tilt sometimes change too easily. There might be a way to tighten up the tilt but I haven't contacted Luxa2 or attempted any adjustment to the H4.
    B. When using the H4/iPad on your lap, the H4 is cold on bare legs and the back of the H4 is a little awkward to hold as it wasn't designed for holding.
    C. When on the H4 is on the table (like kitchen table) and I want to show someone else the screen, it is a little awkward to rotate the H4 because of the rubber (anti-skid) grip on the bottom (seems to be the same material used to cover the pegs). It would be a nice feature of the H4 would also rotate like on a lazy susan.

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    I just received mine today, so I haven't gotten much use out if it. In fact, I second-guessed keeping it after I ordered it, feeling it was an unnecessary luxury, and that my keyboard dock was sufficient. But after trying it, I've changed my mind.

    1. As already mentioned, the packaging is amazing. Maybe too amazing because I feel that over-the-top packaging equates to an overpriced product. I would prefer simpler packaging and maybe a carrying case instead. As as-I have no idea how I'm going to comfortably transport this.

    2. I placed my iPad in it and may actually start using the iPad more now. I can see using the recipes app in the kitchen, or doing what I'm doing now -- watching a movie in landscape mode while on my desktop working.

    3. The rotation options amaze me. I didn't know that you could rotate it over to the opposite side to show someone without moving the base. That is amazing for presentation.

    4. (Day 2) Last night I sat on the sofa with the Luxa2 stand between my knees. This propped up the iPad, making typing and manipulating apps almost equivalent to a tray. It is absolutely fantastic, and I wouldn't trade it. When typing this way, you can rotate the Luxa2 to any angle that makes your wrist comfortable.

    5. I propped it up on my bed to watch a movie. The cases I have all fall over. This holder held steady. It also makes playing games (like Steam Balls) fun while lying down.

    It really adds a floating look of luxury to the iPad.

    So far, I'm very happy with it. I won't be returning this. :D

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