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    Hi everyone, I'm the developer of Lyrical.

    Lyrical is a Notification Center for OS X Yosemite, and it displays your iTunes song information (even the album artwork!) as well as provide controls so that you can control iTunes' volume, set ratings, play/pause, go to the previous or the next song.

    It even lets you view the Song's lyrics, provided that the Song has lyrics already embedded into it with iTunes. You can toggle the lyrics if you wish, to hide or show.

    Lyrical is priced only at $0.99. I've been updating Lyrical pretty frequently, and I've already pushed out v1.0.1 in less than 20 days. And v1.1 is already in review which will let you scrobble to using Lyrical, and it has a bunch of other features that I've gotten from user requests.

    If you want to follow me on Twitter: @LyricalToday.

    Let me know what you think, I welcome feedback! I've already gotten a lot of requests to add Spotify support and adding a preference to control the album artwork size, all of which I will be doing in future versions of Lyrical.

    One thing I chose not to add to Lyrical is the automatic fetching of Lyrics. I really want to avoid any licensing issues that bring down other similar apps that also display lyrics. That said, I've been using Get Lyrical (not affiliated with Lyrical) to fetch lyrics as I play songs from iTunes and I like it a lot. It just runs in the background, fetching lyrics, and when it does, Lyrical will automatically display the Lyrics for you.

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    The next major version of Lyrical is now out!

    It contains, amng other things:
    - integration
    - Home sharing/iTunes radio support (you can even scrobble them -- even the official scrobbler doesn't do this)
    - New app icons
    - Ability to open iTunes by clicking on the album artwork

    I have the next update in the works, which support scrubbing and song time markers next to the progress bar. Here's a small peek at it:

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    The v1.2 update is now out! It's pretty much the best and most comprehensive set of features and fixes all packed into one huge update.

    The v1.2 update contains:

    New features:
    - Lyrical's widget now supports clicking to navigate and shows time markers!
    - Lyrical will now remember whether you clicked on Show or Hide Lyrics.
    - Lyrical is now also in Japanese! (thanks to @ewa4618 for contributing!)
    - Removed the 'No Lyrics' text as requested by many.

    A ton of fixes including:
    - Fixed a crash when a song is previewed from the iTunes Music Store.
    - Fixed an issue with the progress bar not updating when iTunes was stopped.
    - Fixed an issue where Lyrical will not scrobble any songs with ampersands (&)
    - Fixed an issue with Preferences or About windows not activating properly.
    - Lyrical's preferences is no longer a HUD for better visibility.

    Lyrical's widget and features have also been re-engineered for performance, and crash prevention.

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