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Nov 3, 2006
I have a 4,1 --->5,1 Mac Pro with HS installed onto a HP EX 920 1TB m.2 nvme ssd sandwiched inside an Aqua Computer Kryo m.2 evo adaptor. I recently bought an I/O Crest si-pex40129 to replace the Kryo m.2 evo adaptor. However, upon taking off the heatsink of the Kryo adaptor, the square chip on top of the HP EX920 blade came off with it. Anyone experienced something similar to this? First of all, I dont know if this square piece is a ram chip or a heatsink chip. Anyways, I tried putting it all back together but the MacPro will not boot anymore. This blade has all my documents, apps, etc on it. Anyone has any idea how to fix this problem? Here's a link to the HP EX 920 blade with a silver square chip Im talking about:

Here's a link to the Aqua Computer Kryto m.2 evo adaptor:



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May 14, 2008
I’m 99% sure you have 100% data loss here.
It sounds like you destroyed the nvme drive equivalent of the T2 chip (drive controller).

Photos of what actually happened would be significantly more useful vs your description.

A data recovery vendor like Kroll on-track might be able to recover it depending on if they do nvme recoveries and how much physical damage you’ve caused and if you don’t cause more.



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Jun 26, 2010
All sarcasm aside, the way to recover your data is to restore from a backup.

I don’t know what the odds are of recovering data from an M2 SSD, but I doubt they’re very high.
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