M-Audio Fast Track USB isn't found by Mac?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by spook2517, Aug 11, 2009.

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    First things first I am still new to Mac, so hopefully I have just overlooked something. I have an older M-Audio Fast Track USB that I used to use on my PC, and would now like to use on my Mac. I have installed Pro Tools properly, have my I-Lok inserted and the hardware is hooked up the same as it was before. I have downloaded the newest drivers from M-Audio. When trying to start the program I get an error message.

    The exact error message is as follows...
    Unable to locate M-Audio hardware. Make sure your hardware is connected and turned on.

    Any ideas, thanks.
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    Well, is your M-Audio Fast Track correctly connected? Do you see the power light from the interface? Maybe try different USB input on your Mac ? There are a lot Fast Track (Pro/Ultra/etc.?) drivers around, make sure you got the right one. Try reinstall or use another USB Cable.
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    "The exact error message is as follows...
    Unable to locate M-Audio hardware. Make sure your hardware is connected and turned on"

    Just a couple of thoughts:

    1. Launch Audio/MIDI setup (in your Utilities folder). Does it "see" the Fast Track? If not, check the popup menus to see if the Fast Track is available. Is it? If so, choose it, then go back to ProTools and see if the device now appears.

    2. If the Fast Track isn't showing up in Audio/MIDI setup, choose to "Add a new device". The choice to add one will be up in your menu bar somewhere, depending on which version of Audio/MIDI Setup that you're using. You may even have to do this under the "MIDI" menu. Give that a try. Once this is done, again try to designate the Fast Track as your input/output device using the popup menus (see above).

    3. If nothing else is working, I would suggest you try opening GarageBand and see if GB can see the Fast Track.

    Again, just some thoughts....
    - John
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    Click the apple logo on the far upper left. Them select "about this mac". From there you can get to a list of all installed equipment. Expand the USB device to see the hub(s) and expend those to see what is plugged into each. Is your M-Audio device there?

    The about this mac display works at a very low level that does not depend on hainb drivers or other software working. It will "see" even completely un-supported devices, anything that is physically connected.

    So, if you don't see it there it is not connected. Check for a broken cable, broken power supply (wall wort cube) overloaded hub or whatever.

    If it does show up in the hardware list then your problem is with the software. Try other software. the first software to try is the Apple's audio-midi setup

    Also There was just a recently an upgrade to Mac OS X. M-Audio is slow to upgrade drivers the typically months behind Apple make sure yue driver matche the relese of Mac OS X
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    M-Audio Fast Track USB isn't found by Mac?

    I had the m audio fast track ultra that lasted almost a year and a half before dying. I switched to the apogee duet 2 and its been great
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    Hello! Do you have the page has gone! do you know how to solve this problem?

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