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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by kingrj46, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. kingrj46 macrumors newbie

    Nov 29, 2007
    I am looking into buying a portable recorder so that I can record live shows that I go to. (mainly just local bands that I go see) I have some friends who I want to record. Thier mixer has an rca output. I was thinking maybe the microtrack II would be something i could use to do this. I also heard about the Zoom H2, but am not too sure if this is capable of this. Any suggestions or comments?
  2. bgalizio macrumors member

    Apr 28, 2006
    Check out the Edirol R-09 as well as some others (Marantz and Sony make small decks too, Tascam has a new one coming out, Korg has the MR-1, though it is more expensive). Any of these small portable decks will work for a soundboard patch, but their ADCs differ. IMO, and many others as well, the ADC of the MT2 and Zoom H2/H4 isn't so hot.
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    Jan 12, 2006
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    I have the original MicroTrack, and I am happy with it. Typically, I will only feed it a line level input (from a field mixer with much better pre-amps than the MicroTrack's). They corrected the phantom power voltage on the II model, so it should work with pretty much any microphone out there (which isn't true for the one that I own).

    - Martin

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