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Jun 14, 2018
Hi all,
been setting up my new M1 MacBook Air. I'm connecting now my display (Dell UP2720Q) over thunderbolt 3, which also charges. In System Information -> Graphics/Displays, there's not the usual rows "Pixel Depth" nor "Framebuffer".

I tried 2 different cables, active and passive. I just like to know if everything is 10 bits, like always have done. For example the same display over DisplayPort in my old 2010 cMP shows 10 bit color.

Any help? I'm diving into EEID override info, but maybe someone know a little command to extract that string or hex info.
Attached pic to illustrate, also showing Automatically Adjust brightness I the Dell doesn't have that option, maybe that's the problem...
Thanks very much in advance!



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Mar 30, 2020
I'd like to know this as well!
SwitchResX doesn't say anything but has "Bilions of colors" checked. csreen show 32 bit, but it's old and not very trustworthy in this case. When I connect the cable I see the: "3440-1440, 24-bit" info. So it looks like I'm stuck. Also tested with 2 different cables. One with 10Gbps bandwidth.
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