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Apr 30, 2009
Trying to help my film student daughter (also working paid local commercials and media manager on the side) pick the right Macbook for editing 4k/6k video, mainly using Davinci Resolve.
Budgetwise, I was pointing her at the new 14" MBP with 32G ram, but I'm beginning to think an M1 MBP with the M2 Max might be a better deal. I get a veterans discount and on the refurb store I can get an M1 Max with the 32 core gpu vs the 16 core gpu on the new M2, for a similar price, with a 1TB Ssd vs the 512 on the M2 a nice bonus.

I've been having trouble deciphering benchmarks and comparisons and am wondering real world if the M1 max is the way to go for Davinci, given the extra GPU cores. Ordinarily I'd wait to see more reviews that would give me a better idea, but she has a project coming up and needs to pull the trigger in the next couple of days.
I wish I had more details, but the girl is not very tech-smart and is relying on me. My knowledge of editing is not very high and neither is the budget, so whatever she gets is going to need to last a good while, so while the M1 Max seems to me like the way to go, maybe it's a mistake?

She no longer lives at home and therefore doesn't have ready access to my 2019 i5 27" iMac (40G Ram/580X 8G VRAM), which she was pretty happy using, at least for 1080p and some 4k stuff. But now she's editing 6K stuff, including 10 min scenes with no cuts and the borrowed windows machine she is using is choking and she hates it. No idea on the specs. She does a lot of color correcting and layers, and I'm sure either choice is going to be amazing in comparison.


Help a Dad make the right call!


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Jun 27, 2022
Your recommendation is spot on. The refurbished 14" Macbook Pro M1 Max 10-Core CPU and 24-Core GPU with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD at $2,379.00 is the better buy compared to the 14" Macbook Pro M2 Pro 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU with 32GB RAM and 512GB SSD at $2,399.00.

1. The M1 Max has 50% more GPU cores than the M2 Pro which is better for effects and color grading.

2. The M1 Max has double the memory bandwidth than the M2 Pro which is better for working with large files

3. The M1 Max has twice the number of video encoders/decoders than the M2 Pro which is better for importing and exporting videos.

4. The 1TB hard drive is more convenient when dealing with lots of videos or other media.
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