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Aug 12, 2010
Hi - I'm considering a new M2 Macbook Pro 16". I have the 2021 16" which is great, but the speed bump appeals, and the 96GB of the M2 Max model also.

Does anyone know or have an educated view on:

a) If the M2 Max chip and the extra billions of transistors and memory bandwidth is likely to translate into a real-world drop in battery life compared to the M2 Pro?

b) The extent to which more RAM and storage is likely to impact battery life. Is it substantial, or more marginal?

If it's marginal in both cases, I'm inclined to max out the spec. If M2 Max and 96GB of RAM is likely to involve a big battery hit, I'd perhaps go for the M2 Pro and 64GB spec.

Huge thanks for any help/advice/thoughts,

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