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Apr 4, 2015
I hadn't realized quite how many external ports a Mac Pro has. Compared to an Ultra Studio, it has two extra Thunderbolt ports, an extra 10 Gb Ethernet and an extra HDMI. Then there are the various ports that can be added through PCIe cards. It really DOES have more expansion than any other Mac (while still missing a couple of things many people would consider critical in GPUs and RAM).


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Mar 20, 2016
More and more convinced that my M1M Studio will be my main machine until it no longer gets updates. There's just no compelling reason to upgrade it. I don't use it to make money so the processing power is irrelevant. Bought it because of the ports and the display support. And not replacing my ASDs any time soon either!
Exactly my thoughts on my 16" MBP M1 Pro 32GB/2TB. I didn't even want, nor need, the Pro chip, except to get more RAM, as not being a heavy GPU user, the power of even the base M1 is way overkill for my use case. I just wanted the biggest screen size.

Only diff is that I *do* use it for work, study, and play, but it will do all that for a long time to come.

I was also going fine with my 15" 2015 MBP 16GB/1TB (the last model with self-upgradeable SSD, which I upgraded from 512GB), but at 7-8 years old, it was starting to show signs of impending death.

The only thing that will change that equation is a change to a job that allows me to claim it on tax.
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Jun 26, 2002
I hear you but how long is Apple going to screw with us when the Max chip is already out? I hope that we get it by WWDC the latest.
I too am hoping that an update for the Studio comes to WWDC. I am planning to upgrade my 2013 MP. I use a 2019 Mac Pro, MBP M3 MAX and Studio M2 Ultra at work. Want to be par and least have a better home system :)
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Mar 8, 2022
I'm assuming they're waiting a few more months for their total inventory of all 5 machines to clear first before launching the new one... 🙄
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