m7 slower than the m3 ?


Mar 15, 2013
I dunno, if it was really the case, I'd have heard about it a lot more.

Everywhere I've seen, it shows that m7 is ahead of m3/m5.
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Sep 29, 2015
The first link shows a final cut pro benchmark (which I don't believe is correct) where it also says the M3 model throttles down to 2 GHZ while M7 throttles down to 2.1 GHz. I don't understand how the benchmark can be correct.

In the second link, it doesn't even say anywhere that M3 is faster than M7, even benchmarks show M7 is faster.

To be honest, nobody buys M7 to run benchmarks 24/7. In daily use M7 is obviously faster for intended use of this model. For heavy work, naturally a MBP will be a better purchase.


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Jul 24, 2009
This is the case with all fanless designs and true of the previous gen which I have the bto. Simply during everyday use its a non issue. Even light gaming it's fine. It's when you pin the cpu at 100% for long periods of time it'll step back a touch. But that is true for all three models.
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