Mac 512K uploads to Dropbox

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by napabar, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Remarkable, but it really reminds us how much one could do with those old macs. Hell, the biggest limitation with those old machines was RAM limit and storage space. In terms of capabilities, there's no reason they couldn't run Mountain Lion (although it would probably take a year to boot).
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    Well having the Motorola processor architecture would be a severe limitation no matter if you had 16GB ram and a 1TB SSD! (also 8mghz processor? Yeah I don't think mine would open the latest version of textedit within a week :p)
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    It's a little bit of everything.

    16-bit processor architecture at 1/2000th the speed of a modern CPU (one core, 8/1000th of a GHz.)

    Maximum 4 MB RAM. (Compared to minimum 4 GB now - 1000 times as much.)

    Even with one of the rare external hard drives, the capacity was only 20 MB (more like 10,000 times as much bare minimum now,) and the speed was painfully slow (too slow to load an MP3 in real time.)

    But.... People do insane things "just because"... (Sadly, the original detailed post is long since offline, but long story short: it was still booting a week later when the system crashed due to hard drive failure from the constant hard drive thrash - and that was a MUCH faster 68k-based Macintosh than a 512K.)

    Aha, here's a MacRumors thread on it:
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    32-bit processor with 16-bit data path.

    Was not designed to have the RAM expanded. 3rd party hacks did exist, but a Mac 128k or 512k with these mods are no longer 128K's or 512K's. Those two models are defined by their memory.

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