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Jan 27, 2023
Found a power g5 tower at a thrift store and now that I have it at home how the heck do I get it going ? What do I need I know it powers up but what do I connect it too what cords or monitors do I need please someone guide me


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Dec 8, 2019
The Lab DX
Is there a graphics card installed? If so, it'll likely take DVI as its output. DVI is both forwards-compatible with HDMI with an adapter and if it's DVI-I (has the plus-pin instead of the minus-pin) also VGA. If not, install one. Make sure it's compatible with OpenFirmware/Mac OS X first or it won't show a picture.

With the exception of the Late 2005s, G5 towers will take a regular C13 power connector, same as on your modern desktop.

You can use USB keyboards and mice just like on a modern Mac, same with Ethernet.
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