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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Washac, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Hi All

    Last June 2009 I purchased a Mac Pro along with an 24 inch ACD LED display.

    Since this date the display developed quite a large dirty grey area inside the panel, not may I stress behind the polycarbonite gloss screen, but inside the panel itself.

    The display was sent back under Applecare, on return all was OK, now after another few
    months the big dirty area is now returning, so once again within one year this expensive
    piece of kit has got be returned once again.

    This dirty area is the bottom left of the display, this says to me that there is a manufacturing defect in the panels used :(

    Do you know, I really cannot be bothered anymore with Apple displays, cost the earth and quality is not upto sctratch going my experience anyway.

    Oh and I have issues with the Mac Pro but that's another story :(
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    That has got to be frustrating. I do not have that monitor yet. I really want one, but have been putting it off, primarily due to the cost. It is so hard to justify. But it is one sexy monitor and compliments the macbook pro so well.

    I would be mad to if that happened. Just be sure to get it back into them and talk nicely and see if u can get it replaced. If they replace it you would probably be totally happy again. Good luck.
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