Mac-addict NGO urgently seeking good advice!

Zen Cats Philippines

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Mar 29, 2018
Calamba Laguna Philippines
I run a small animal-welfare NGO in the Philippines, working with volunteer vets to spay local cats free of charge in order to reduce the considerable neglect of and cruelty to cats around here.

I have an old iPad running iOS 8.4 which stopped talking to the internet some time ago. I've searched everywhere for a simple basic spreadsheet application which I can install through iTunes using my MacBook Air, in order to set up a computation to give us the correct dosage of anaesthesia and painkiller based on bodyweight of each animal. Rather than having my iPad Mini 4 used in surgery, I would much prefer to find a new role in life for the old iPad.

Please please could we have some ideas for backwardly compatible free spreadsheet software?