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Dec 14, 2011
I have a 2011 11 inch macbook air that i bought brand new off of someone from kijiji.

I recently noticed battery life was low so i ran a couple of tests

When i use my macbook air at 3/4 brightness i can charge it within 1 hour and 30 mins

but the full charge only lasts for about 3hours and 10 mins

this is doing web browsing / flash videos

These are the power saving settings i use when i'm on battery

Computer sleep: 1.5 mins

Display sleep: 1 min

so is there anything wrong with my air?


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Sep 7, 2011
Seems about right. But 3/4 brightness is "bright".

i typically use it mobile with 2nd lowest bars. turn the keyb oard backlight off, and turn off Bluetooth.

Easily pull out 4-5 hours. sat down last night at 6:30 with 60% charge, and watched the entirety of the leaf hockey game till 10pm and still had 30% charge when done.

its about how you use it. if you're on a flash heavy site that is constantly streaming data, you'll chew through battery in no time.


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Jul 21, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
That sounds is rated for 5 hours at 50% brightness. 3/4 is very bright! I usually have it at about 2 bars on battery and cranked on power. I've not had it die on me, but I'm typically only in 1 hour meetings at a time.
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