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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 7on, Feb 10, 2006.

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    This is the best place I could put this, so here it goes...

    So I was worrying about SPAM and the general Aim nick sharing on forums and the like. Because I set up an alias to handle all my online accounts - an alias that doesn't AIM me on my real account. Anyways I had been doing jonshipman at mac.com in my profiles but even then some people might not get it. So I realized that emails can't have spaces but AIM nicks can. Would spambots automatically pick up a someone @ mac.com as being an email addy? I tried sending an email with spaces in it but no dice.

    Your Thoughts? on the whole hiding .Mac email names from spambots?
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    If you are asking whether saying somebody @ mac.com instead of somebody@mac.com would fool automated spam collectors, probably not.

    somebody@mac . com and somebody at mac.com probably wouldn't stop them either.

    If a trick is used frequently by other people, the spambots have probably been programmed to look for that trick.

    So make up your own if you want to disguise an address, such as My e-mail is somebodyelse@pc.com but leave out the else part and change pc to mac.

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