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    Jan 11, 2012
    Somebody help me out here...

    I've had an account with Mac for a long time now, X@mac.com, which really came to its right when I acquired an iPod touch and started purchasing apps for it, and not long ago, I set out to tie in an iCloud account as well and obviously an E-mail to boot.
    I was a bit surprised to find that I had to opt for a @me account, but luckily the same name, X@me.com, was available so I went with that.
    I recieved a few mails to my new @me mail account, but to my avail I couldn't send any E-mails back. Great!

    When trying to send the mails, I am told that "The Recipient "X@mac.com" was rejected by the server, because the user is unknown", which seems to be a valid point, seeing how they stuck me with that @Me account.
    I then scoured a bit around to find a piece of advice on Apple's own support page, suggesting to delete the account and setting it up again.
    Upon closer inspection, the suggestion seems to deal with issues concerning MobileMe and a much older OS, but what could it hurt, right...?

    Well, it didn't hurt. But it didn't help a great deal either. When I try to set up an iCloud E-mail account, I'm asked to enter my Apple ID, X@mac.com.
    If I do that, I'm back to the top of this message; I can't send any mails using the username X@mac.com
    After deleting that account from my iPod again, I tried setting up an E-mail account, and enter X@me.com as my Apple ID, only to find that the exact same information finds its way into the E-mail settings. That is to say that everything is still called X@mac.com.

    So then what? Well, I tried the "Get a Free Apple ID" when I set up a new account, but both X@mac and X@me seem to be taken, so that's a dead end. I could probably try and find another E-mail that I like, but who's to say it would work better this time around..?

    I don't really expect to hear any great solutions to the problem. I'm really just frustrated, and can only think to myself how lucky I am to have a cool Hotmail account. I think I'm just just gonna stick with that.
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    Jan 11, 2012
    almost forgot...

    It's probably worth mentioning that I never bothered to sign up for any @mac E-mail back when I was only the blissful and unsuspecting owner of Mac computer.

    Since I started playing about with this whole E-mail nightmare, I tried setting up the mail program at home to work with before mentioned X@me.com account, and here's the funny thing:

    I can totally send E-mails from my @me E-mail account! Obviously, at this point it wouldn't be funny unless I like couldn't receive E-mails as well, and sure enough; I can't... It won't accept the password.

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