Mac and Verizon vet, but iPhone/AT&T!

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  1. bh912vny609 macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2007
    I am a longtime forum reader but new poster.
    I am also a longtime Apple/Mac user (all the way back to the Apple IIe).
    I've been waiting for the iPhone to go to Verizon (been with them for 8+ years), but I can wait no longer. Even got an iPod touch last year to complement my Verizon phone.

    I have done everything one can possibly do to learn about the iPhone without actually owning an iPhone. I am a proud Apple fanboy, but the AT&T stories have always scared me into staying with Verizon.

    You can call me a pseudo-wanna-be-virtual iPhone owner ever since it first came out, watching it all from the sidelines, but never getting in the game...until now.

    But I need help! Especially before I talk to AT&T, so I know I don't get sold into a plan I don't really need...

    1) I have a MacBook (late 06) running Tiger and itunes 9.2. (Haven't needed 10.6 as of yet...but will be buying new MacBook Pro by the end of the year). The Apple site says iPhone 4 requires "OS 10.5.8 and itunes 9.2". Am I OK to use the iPhone 4 with Tiger since I'm running itunes 9.2 fine?
    2) Will be getting family plan for me and the spouse (i.e. 2 phones/lines). We're LIGHT phone users and texters (i.e. cheapest voice plan, cheapest/no text plan, but probably will go with the bigger data plan). What's the total monthly cost looking like?
    3) Have had AT&T home phone, and DSL too for a couple years. Don't want/need DirecTV. Will AT&T give me a bundle discount if I add wireless? Anyone out there in the same boat?
    4) How the heck do I even get my hands on the iPhone 4? I can be patient I guess, so is it best just to order from Apple (currently shipping in "3 weeks"), or is anyone having luck at Radio Shack or Walmart?
    5) I want to keep our same Verizon phone numbers. Can I still activate the new iPhones from home, or is there some big to-do I have to have in person with AT&T?

    Thanks for any help in advance.
    I suppose, like in any forum, I will get great advice from lots of people who want to help, and numerous flames from people annoyed in some way by my post.
    Bring it on...I'm glad to be here either way!
  2. draz macrumors 6502a

    Jun 20, 2010
    Well I'm no expert on plans.... But I can answer two of your questions!

    1) You must have OSX 10.5.8 and higher. Even if you can run iTunes 9.2 on a lower OS you must have the proper version or higher. Apple is putting the restriction on you.

    4) You can call or best bet would be to walk-in to some stores in your area and see if they have any left. The best and for sure way though is to order online and wait it out. But who knows stores might get stock on a weekly basis, or might not get them for a month. I'd say online as it is for sure vs in store which is trial and error.

    Well I got ya started at least!

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