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Sep 25, 2007
Davis, CA
I've been checking out .Mac on the Apple website but I am still very confused about a few things.

1. Can you have a domain name through .Mac? Or do you have to buy one elsewhere? I'd be happy with something like www.thebassoonist.mac. I just hope that I can pick a name for my website.

2. How many websites can you create with a single user account. I'd like to have my own blog and help my mom out with a website for her business. Can I do this?



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Nov 24, 2002
Houston Texas USA
You buy the domain elsewhere and point the DNS to Apple's servers. ".mac" isn't actually a real top level domain, you'll be shopping for a traditional .com, .org, .net or one of those goofy foreign TLDs like .to that will sell to people.

For a domain hosted entirely through Apple (with no custom domain) you'll just be something like http://homepage.mac.com/thebassoonist/
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