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Aug 19, 2013
Riga, Latvia
Inboard, a Mac app for organizing your images


Hi guys,

We're a small team of 3 indie developers who built a new app for creative people - designers, developers and photographers and other creative types. We'd love to hear how you like and share some free promo codes for you to try the app. If you like it, please share it with friends.

Inboard helps you organize your screenshots and photos like your own private, desktop-based version of Pinterest. It helps you to organize images that otherwise get lost in Finder and serves as an inspiration you can browse through to get inspired for your next project.

“Inboard: Finally A Screenshot App That’s Simple Enough To Be Useful” -Cult of Mac

“It’s the simplicity that stands out.” -AppStorm

Inboard is built creative types - great for designers, photographers and developers:

“I’ve tried around 7 of these type of apps, but none of them allowed me to view high quality images in masonry and folders. Very well designed.” -Caleb Amesbury, Senior IA Designer

Key features:
• Beautiful Pinterest-like display of your images
• Capture full height webpage screenshots of websites that you love
• Import your Dribbble likes
• Import/export library as a .zip for easy migration
• Organize images by using tags and folders
• Masonry image grid for maximum screen space use
• Yosemite ready

Get Inboard today for a straightforward easy-to-use image organizer app.

Supports most popular file formats:


Cloud syncing coming soon!

You can also email or tweet us @inboardapp with your suggestions and questions.

Requirements: 10.9
Regular price: $19.99
App Store URL:
Category: Graphics & Design

FREE Promo Codes

Build cool stuff,
Davis Siksnans
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Mar 14, 2006
I thought I might be have been lucky, but someone just forgot to write that they had redeemed the code. I added it, so no one else gets their hopes up. :)

The app looks very interesting.
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