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    Feb 25, 2014

    I have 5 users with Mac laptops who want an automatic backup to be performed whenever they get to one of the three sites of their business (3 VLAN's connected via VPN). The Mac users connect to the network via Wi-Fi (same Wi-Fi network, same SSID on the three sites). The network is PC only, and the Mac laptops do not need the services of this network (they only need Wi-Fi to be able to go on the internet).

    What would be the best solution for a Time Machine backup to start as soon as they connect to the Wi-Fi at any of the 3 sites? A server? A NAS? The Macs must stay independent, and not mix with the rest of the network.

    If it's a server, should it simply be configured with an IP address in the range the VPN server serves the portables themselves?

    Does anyone has dealt with this kind of situation?

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    You can do this in two ways.

    1) Have a drive in each site. The mac will back up to whatever site it is at. If they visit all the sites often enough, you'll have somewhat of a current recovery method without saturating bandwidth on the WAN.

    2) You can have a time machine drive at one location, with site-to-site VPN at all sites and the Mac can back up to this. However, this may be a very slow and painful process depending on how many users are using the VPN/network.

    Mac OS X Server is great for Time Machine management but other than that, the local user on their laptop can just have TM configured itself.
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    Feb 25, 2014
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    The bandwidth load would most certainly be too much.

    I am thinking of simply installing 3 Time Capsules (possibly with a second disk attached to it).

    Wouldn't this be more than enough, since they only need Internet connection?

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    With that many Macs maybe you should start using Synology NAS. You will be greatly surprised at what a Snology NAS can do for you, it almost be a server too.

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