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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by annk, Jan 4, 2007.

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    I'm often uncertain when to post in which of the two sub-forums mentioned in the thread title. I figure that basics and help should be just what it says - general questions about using the Mac, and that OS X should be about questions pertaining directly to the OS. But it doesn't seem that's how the threads are used.

    For a while I thought people were posting basic questions in basics, and more advanced questions in OS X - but then I got confused again; no pattern seems to apply.

    Any thoughts?
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    I reckon that whole area needs a rethink. Things're getting pretty messy in there. It might help if the Mac basics forum was moved to the bottom of the Hardware section on the forums main page because at the moment it seems like it is the default forum for help. Ideally, people with hardware issues will post in their respective Mac-specific forum (Mac Pro etc) in my opinion. :)
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    Specialized forums like Mac OS X can be used anytime you know your question suits that forum. Mac Basics and Help can be used anytime for any type of technical question. That's because new members often find it hard to pick from all of the forums, and it's one they can easily find. It purposely has a friendly-for-newbies name.

    The main reason to have multiple forums at all is so people who read the forums can pick and choose which to follow. It's not as important for the people who start those threads, since they will follow their thread wherever it is.

    So if you want to help with general problems about anything, keep an eye on Mac Basics and Help. If you want to discuss Mac OS X, particular Mac models, iTunes, or something else, watch those forums. If they overlap, that's OK.

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