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    I just purchased a 2012 11" MBA (last night to be exact) and I'm a first time mac buyer. What are some tips and tricks youve learned while using your MBA, or about mac OSX in general, over the years. I am very tech savvy, but jumping from a windows computer to mac is quite the culture shock. that being said, any tips that the MacRumors community has would be very helpful!
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    Welcome to the dark side :D There are many apps that are a must have on OSX. First one i would get is Perian. Booo, just as i went to the Perian website i see they are cutting their support and moving on :( In that case download VLC player.
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    Browsing these forums will help you, especially the sticky "switcher" guides you can search for.

    I've found Mac Power Users podcasts to be very helpful too, along with the Mac At Work book by David Sparks (who also produces the MPU podcasts). The MPU podcasts are essentially a series of interviews and discussions about how people use Macs in their day to day jobs - they are entertaining and I never fail to take away some interesting hints/tips.

    David Pogue writes a series of OS X guides called "Missing Manuals" - they are also a great place to start.
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