Mac book pro 13 logic board problem

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by adideshpande, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Jun 19, 2013
    I brought MBP 13 laptop in OCT 2011, it was working fine. Two days before when i started my mac after booting i saw flickering on display. This has happened for the first time. So i immediately carried out shut down operation. After that i tried to restart my mac but display went on to show blank (black) screen. Then i immediately took MBP to Apple authorized RGL service centre they charged around $50 for diagnosis which i paid in advance as my MBP is out of warranty. After diagnosis service guy told me that display is ok but power supply from Logic board to display is affected and i need it to replace logic board which will cost me around $600. This it totally unacceptable. This service guy has no answer to my question, Why this has happened? He only went on to say again and again that i should have taken extended warranty cover. We get this specific complaints about this product regularly. Even i noticed, in last two days i saw 3 -5 person with the same problem with their MBP 13. That means its a manufacturing defect. I even searched on the internet regarding MBP 13 logic board problem and i noticed there are many people having same problem with their MBP13.
    What should i do now? Does it have any alternate solution. Or Should i file a case in consumer court?
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    I have found Apple to be very easy to work with under AppleCare. Even if there is some sort of manufacturing issue, if you got a full year of usage without a failure, under the terms of the warranty in the US, Apple has no legal obligation to fix your machine for free. I normally purchase AppleCare on notebooks but not on iPhone, iPad or Mac desktop computers.

    You could try appealing up the chain of command by speaking to the store manager. If they turn you down, ask for their boss's email and phone number. There is a possibility you will get help from somebody higher up in the Apple organization. I had a situation where I got a "free" iPod touch which failed only 6 months after I got it. Some overzealous guy in the Apple store focused his efforts on trying to prove I had gotten the thing wet so he could deny my claim. Happily when I called Applecare about the problem, they agreed to replace it. It probably helped that I mentioned I owned thousands of dollars of Apple gear and it didn't make sense for Apple to alienate me over a mere $119. In your case there is more at stake for Apple and since I don't know how much Apple gear you own, I can't say how they would react. Just be sure to understand that even in the case of a manufacturing defect, if it does not fail during the normal warranty period and you don't have Applecare, you can resort to a lawsuit but you are on thin ice.

    I have heard that in Europe, the warranty period mandated by law is 2 years. In the US, we have a government that doesn't know how to protect us from big business. It's too busy protecting big business from us. But again, since you are dealing with Apple, they aren't merely limited to what they are "obligated" to do. I would think you will get further by appealing up Apple's chain of command than by trying to come up with some sort of lawsuit.

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