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Jun 19, 2013
I brought MBP 13 laptop in OCT 2011, it was working fine. Two days before when i started my mac after booting i saw flickering on display. This has happened for the first time. So i immediately carried out shut down operation. After that i tried to restart my mac but display went on to show blank (black) screen. Then i immediately took MBP to Apple authorized RGL service centre they charged around $50 for diagnosis which i paid in advance as my MBP is out of warranty. After diagnosis service guy told me that display is ok but power supply from Logic board to display is affected and i need it to replace logic board which will cost me around $600. This it totally unacceptable. This service guy has no answer to my question, Why this has happened? He only went on to say again and again that i should have taken extended warranty cover. We get this specific complaints about this product regularly. Even i noticed, in last two days i saw 3 -5 person with the same problem with their MBP 13. That means its a manufacturing defect. I even searched on the internet regarding MBP 13 logic board problem and i noticed there are many people having same problem with their MBP13.
What should i do now? Does it have any alternate solution. Or Should i file a case in consumer court?

Chupa Chupa

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Jul 16, 2002
Don't know what country you are in but a lot of credit cards have extended warranty programs which doubles the mfg warranty for up to one additional year. Personally I know my AMEX and Visa Signature include it with everything I buy. I've had to use the AMEX twice in 10 years and both times were great experiences. I basically took the machine to Apple, got an estimate, send the estimate to AMEX and they credited my CC so I could get the repair done.

So you might want to check out the credit card you bought you Mac with. Since you bought it Oct '11 you'd still be w/i a two year window.

Otherwise, you have no recourse in court unless you can prove there is a wholesale defect in the logic boards in an entire lot from your model year. Apple's warrant is one year. You could try taking to an Apple Store and see what they say.


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Jun 21, 2012
hey there i got the late 2011 mbp 13 kind of have issues on the laptop but never noticed a flickering display on mine. An apple protection plan would have definitely been a lifesaver for you.
Do try calling up apple care and see if they could do something to help you out.
I called them up asking to either guarantee the laptop would not fail anytime soon or to give me a replacement it was hard for them to say anything as here in India they do not have apple stores just premium resellers and AASP. But they did transfer me to customer relations from Singapore and she did ask me to allow one last repair and if any in future they will resolve it to my satisfaction.
You Just need to be polite.
Do let us know what turns up.

On the other hand i had a friend whose mac would not detect a hard drive they told her the logic board is gone she did not go ahead with the repairs one boring day i decided to troubleshoot her mac and it turned out the sata cable was at fault.


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Jun 29, 2011
the mobos on the 13 2011 are really terrible I had to change mine 2x already

so yeah, see what you want to do
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