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Dec 23, 2013

am having problems with my Mac Book Pro mid 2009 display.

The display is not working. All i get is a black screen. The computer is on and I am able to use it using an external display, other than that i dont get any image.

Took the computer to a repair place (not an apple store). The technician said that the problem is not the board neither the display chipset as I am able to use the computer using a external display through the Display Mini Port.

He wasnt so sure about it and that is why am posting this thread. Does anyone experienced this issue before? What was the solution or the diagnostic?

He said that the problem was the display itself, that I might have to replace it but I dont want to expend the money and then the problem be something else.

Thanks in Advance!!


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Sep 23, 2013
Do you get the grey screen and Apple logo when the computer boots up? If not, it's the display and it needs to be replaced. Apple and other repair centers will want to replace the whole top display, but if you're careful and good with repairs you can take it apart replace just the panel yourself.


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Dec 8, 2013

Normal culprit are:

LCD panel failure.
Go out to direct sun light and see if you can see video on you screen maybe the LED driver board is the problem. (the leds do not fire up).
If you can not see any video its very possible your panel is damaged. try to test your LCD panel in another machine (same model).

Cable failures
test LVDS Display Cable, try to test your video cable in another macbook pro (same model).
Try to unplug and plug in again (ajust) the LEDs flex cable (you can find it on the back of the LCD usually right corner).
please read this guide at ifixit:

other probable cause is that you have a bad GPU (damage in the chip or internal video chain). you can find on ebay for a guy that can rework the GPU chip (reflow) or better replace it with a new one.

But first you need to test your parts in another machine to start your diagnose and find the damaged component or parts.

I had the exact failure in my old macbook pro A1260. no LCD video at all. Perfect video on external displays.
My GPU was damaged and I sent my logic board to replace the chip.

good luck
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