Mac Color Picker White instead of Black?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by 1nteresting, Oct 25, 2010.

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    I'll start off with a screenshot.

    I'm specifically talking about the bar on the right hand side, that slides from the red I chose to black.

    Is there anyway I could have that same sliding-type bar, only sliding from red to white? Is there anyway I could have them both up at the same time? (So I'd have two different sliding bars, one going to the black and one going to the white) (Or actually, even if they could be combined... that would be sweet too. So the sliding bar looks like ms paints sliding bar, basically white, color you have, black)

    Thanks for your help! If I'm a little bit too confusing please respond with your question and I'll try to explain it a little bit more.
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    l0l. Okay, come on. My sister is a really good pixel artist, and she'd like to switch to a Mac, but she uses ms paint. We've found Paintbrush, but the main issue is the color picker. If I could get the color picker (via a plugin or something) to act more like ms paint, she'd be sold.

    Edit: The slider helps tremendously when doing shading in pixel art, as then you still stay with the same color. If you're selecting all your colors through the circle, you might get off a little bit, and end up with a little more purple than you need in the blue you've chosen. Hopefully that made sense.
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    What you describe as "same color" is called hue. You can change the color picker's view of the color to change only the saturation or brightness. Saturation goes between pure color and pure white. Brightness changes the amount of black.

    Click the icon in the picker's toolbar that looks like two sliders. The lower pane will change to a popup with sliders below it. Click the popup and choose HSB sliders. Slide to adjust Hue, Saturation, and Brightness.

    If you change any of the sliders and then go back to the color-wheel view, the wheel will show the same color the sliders do.

    You (or your sister) might want to look at the other picker views, which you can see by clicking their icons in the toolbar of the picker window.
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    Ahh, that was very informative. Thanks.

    So, basically... we need a saturation slider right next to the color circle. When it's two clicks away, it can be tedious to constantly have to switch back and forth as a pixel artist. There's gotta be a way to do that... as it's right there, we just want it up-front.
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    If you are a competent developer there is: you can add new colour pickers as plugins. You just need to know Objective-C and Cocoa and understand the documentation!
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    I wish I did, I'd love to do it. Anyone wanna get hired?

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