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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ukbase, Jul 28, 2013.

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    Jul 28, 2013
    Hi :apple: - I know this is a very frequently asked question, but having the new MBA 2013 (13 inch with upgrades) in mind, I am debating to sell my current macbook pro 15 inch (early 2011 – 16GB, 2.3 GHz, quad-i7 750GB) and buy new mac/macs.

    I love my MBP and it has served so good to me, but it is heavy and gets so hot. My shoulders are absolutely killing me carrying the machine, charger, and tablet... I often work in coffee shops (would sit and won't move there for good 4 hours..), someone else's house, people's offices - and of course at home too.

    My main purpose of using laptops are to run graphic softwares such as psd, ai, indesign to AE, final cut pro... often at one go.

    Looking at the new MBA2013, I am wondering that laptop probably work as fast as my current 3 year old MBP.

    MBA's lightness and battery life is so tempting. I was gonna wait for new MBP to come out and buy 15 inch (retina) and possibly add an external display but I have realised for almost the same price I can buy iMac (21 inch) and MBA 13.

    I am also definately thinking about the Mac Pro that's coming out later in the year. The MBP retina models are as expensive as Mac Pro and MP is just gonna be 10 times faster. If I could get by with a new MBA and my current MBP until some sort of upgrade happens for iMac/MP perhaps that will give me more to work with for the money..

    What I can't judge is I can't tell if my current MBP is better than the current MBA or similar.

    Also any experienced tips on running Adobe CS6 on MBA?

    If it's not hideously slow Im seriously considering about getting iMac (or leave my MBP at home) and work on heavy loads at home and have MBA as sub machine where I can edit, do things outside.. etc. However buying 2 macs within a range of few months feels too scary, and waste of money.
    Trying to be wise before I commit to something that isn't worth the price.

    my busget is £1500-2500.

    This debates all started when I wanted an iPad (which I didn't realise was quite expensive). Right now, on my MBP Im using 11GB memory (not even running any adobe software.. hence no idea why so high).

    I was looking through the forum and some people prefers 1 solid strong machine but is it that much hussle to have 2?

    Any tips would be very very appreciated!
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    Mar 21, 2007
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    Nov 20, 2007
    RAM will be a problem with only 8GB available (less shared for graphics).
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    Jul 28, 2013
    thanks guys

    Thanks for your tips crossifixio and santabean2000!
    Im glad to hear someone is enjoying the 2 machines at once situation.

    I was also concerned about the ram and the general CPU spec as Santabean2000 mentioned, so I went to an apple store to ask few questions today.

    Spoke to 2 lovely guys and they both did not recommend buying MBA as they are slower than what I have now, and 1 guy suggested mac mini, but basically the current mac mini isn't much faster than my MBP so I should just buy an external HDD to keep my laptop's HDD light and wait for new MBP or Mac Pro.

    The machines that will be faster is 27 inch iMac (21 would be faster too but slightly..) but all in one is hard to upgrade and she said I will get much more high specced machine if I upgrade mini/pro yourself.

    I think I knew it in my head but I wanted to see if I can buy sth new. I was expecting MBA to be really light but it wasn't as light as I thought. I guess it is a laptop end of the day. Most likely Im going to buy HDD, TBDisplay, and a wireless keyboard. Then I will patiently wait for mac pro or a new mac mini as paying £1000 for something that is worth than what I have now sounds a little silly.

    thanks again for your opinions and I just wanted to share my conclusions!

    Enjoy your mac life!

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