Mac - Copying / Moving files question in finder.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by GIZBUG, Mar 23, 2013.

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    This issue always baffles me and thought I would bring it up to see if I am mising something

    I run Mountain Lion on my Mac Air. My issue I'm having, Ill download say word files from an email attachment. I open up finder, and they are located in the downloads folder. I want to move the file to another folder. I see the folder on the left side of the screen, but what I don't see are the subfolders under this folder where I want to move it. So what I have been doing is, Copy the word document, click on the folder on the left side of finder, find the subfolder, and paste, then go back and delete out of download. Seeing how there is no CUT option, is there a better way? Do I need to open up TWO finder windows to move the file more efficiently?
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    Use Cmd+X to cut. Or, use Cmd+C to copy then use Cmd+Alt+V to move the file.
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    Yes, you are missing a little trick in OS X.

    Click the Desktop to bring focus to the Finder, then click on Finder menu at the top left then Preferences. Now check the spring loaded section like in my screenshot.

    Now when you drag your file to the left, just hover over the folder you want for a moment and it will "spring" open in a new Finder window. From there you will see the subfolder. You can keep holding the mouse and hover again over a sub folder if you want that to open.


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