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    So i have been trying to backup my mac with a time capsule and my mac keeps crashing and I'm not sure what to do, will the capsule keep backing up okay when the mac reboots? it does say it has less to back up now ( backed up 44mb out of 144gb instead of 179 when it started).

    what can i do about these crashes?? I have attached the error log to this post in a txt file

    let me know if you need more info. Thanks

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    That error log is a bit ambiguous. Are you able to post another kernel panic log? When backing up, the machine will not start over again from the very beginning, it will pickup where it left off. This means that over time you will get your whole machine backed up to it. However, this does not solve the problem of it crashing.
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    kernel panic involving zalloc (zone-based memory allocator)

    If you expect a panic to recur, you can follow this hint –

    Getting more from kernel panics with keepsyms (address to symbol translation)

    – but I have a hunch that the additional information will not help to identify the cause(s) of panics in your case.

    For convenience, the text of the attachment is reproduced at


    Use Disk Utility to verify (not repair) all volumes that use the HFS Plus file system (Mac OS Extended format). Do they appear to be OK?

    Option-click the Time Machine menu to verify the file system that's used for backups. Does it appear to be OK?

    Use the System Information utility, click Storage. For each drive that support S.M.A.R.T., is its status verified?


    The panic report refers to line 2494 of zalloc.c in open source xnu-2422.115.4

    At line 2494 of the text of the source is highlighted in yellow for you.

    The report also refers to HFS node:25065760. If you like, use iDefrag (demo available) to jump to the catalogue node ID (CNID) with that number. That node might relate to a file that was involved in (not necessarily a cause of) the panic.

    zalloc: zone map exhausted while allocating from zone

    From the source code:

     *	File:	kern/zalloc.c
     *	Author:	Avadis Tevanian, Jr.
     *	Zone-based memory allocator.  A zone is a collection of fixed size
     *	data blocks for which quick allocation/deallocation is possible.
    The phrase 'zalloc: zone map exhausted while allocating from zone' appears in various places. For reference only (I don't expect this collection to reveal a common cause):
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    As Graham mentioned, I had this issue or similar ones in December 2013.
    Since then, I completely wiped my MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) and installed Yosemite.
    I don't think I've had kernel panics since then.

    Completely wiping your mac drive is different from just reinstalling the OS.
    You'll need to format the partition in the Disk Utilities when you enter Recovery mode.

    I know this is not really the solution or explains what could be wrong, but Yosemite doesn't cause this problem to me. (though many others)

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