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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by saladiro, Mar 29, 2008.

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    my mac is only a few months old. I have the leopard OS. Once in a wile it behaves kinda weird and I am not sure what exactly is wrong. Basically, I came home tonight, and I opened my macbook pro (which was in sleep mode), and I heard all the normal noises (internal booting up) but the screen was completely blank. the keyboard was lit, I could tell I the mouse was active as I could hear clicking, its just that i could not see a thing (screen was black). I hit Fn bright thinking that it was the screen brightness, but no fix it, I held down the ON button and shut it down. I have a feeling that there is something that i am completely missing, but i just dont know. This has happened about 3-4 times in the last few months....

    please help me understand what is happening and how to get my mac up and running net time this happens

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    Its difficult to tell where the problem lies without have the machine at hand.

    Problems like this aren't uncommon, but 4 times seems excessive. Next time this happens try adjusting the volume to see if the system is still responsive.
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    You said you used the FN key and hit the brightness key to try and turn up the brightness, i know this is a bit of a stupid question, but im assuming that you have gone and set it so that the FN key triggers the special features on the keys?

    As by default on my mac the special keys (the ones with the pictures) were the default keys and dont need the FN key to be pressed, if you do press it then it doesnt do anything.

    Also have you set up your mac to require a password when awaking from sleep mode, as i have this on my mac and sometimes the screen is just black when awaking from sleep, i just had to wait a few seconds, then just hit a few random keys on my macbook to get the dialog box to pop up and log back onto the desktop.

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