Mac data corrupt & network issues

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    Dec 19, 2011

    I work in the ICT department of a school of 1000 kids, 500 OSX machines. we use active directory for authentication, open directory for mac policies, windows server for SMB file sharing of home and preference folders.

    Multiple times per day we get an issue that has occurred quite a lot.

    * Students open an iWorks application (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) and upon opening a blank document (or any for that matter) they say 'error can not open file' - this is a very common problem

    * Students sometimes log in and see 2 icons in their dock and nothing else (finder and trash icons)

    we can fix these temporarily by deleting their 'Library' folder on our network drive. After we delete this folder and they log in everything works fine until it happens randomly again.

    Running OSX 10.6
    Happens on all OSX machines (imacs, macbooks)

    If anyone knows what may be causing this i would be grateful to know, thanks!
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    How are you attaching to the network, smb, afp, both?
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