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Hi All

I need your help for a project I am doing. I am trying to find out some dates and facts about Apple/Mac/Microsoft but every website seems to give different results. I need to know the dates for:

1. Apple offically became a company (197_)
2. Steve Woz left apple (198_)
3. Steve Jobs was kicked out (198_)
4. Windows 1.0 was released (198_)
5. When Steve Jobs dropped the iCEO (no idea)
6. When NeXT Released their first machine
7. When NeXT was bought by Apple (199_)
8. When the Newton was stopped (199_)

If anybody can confirm these dates (once they have been posted!), I would be grateful!



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Jan 20, 2005
Should read the audiobook about the Second Coming of Jobs. It should have some dates for you to us.e
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