Mac Developer wanted for D2X-XL project (updated version of Descent)

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by simX, Jul 22, 2006.

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    So I'm currently the maintainer of the Mac OS X binary for the D2X-XL project. D2X-XL is an updated version of the old Interplay games Descent and Descent II that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. (All you need is a copy of the original data files that came with your copy of Descent or Descent II.)

    The problem is, the Mac OS X version has some problems, since the main (and only) real developer for the project doesn't have a Mac, and therefore can't keep updating the Mac-specific portions of the code in the project. (He's soliciting donations so that he can get a Mac in the future, but he hasn't gotten nearly enough from Mac users to warrant the purchase as of yet.) In the past two months, for example, the ability to play Descent I through D2X-XL has crapped out.

    Is anyone out there willing to donate their time to the project? It's obviously not going to net you anything other than eternal gratitude from me, the main D2X-XL developer, and other Mac Descent fans, but I figure it's worth a shot anyway.

    There are three main areas that need updating in order of priority (at least in my view): getting Descent I missions to work again, net play (which already works on Windows and Linux but has never -- to my knowledge -- worked on Mac OS X), and compiling a universal binary for those folk with Intel-Macs (since D2X-XL requires SDL, this may also involve wrangling the existing version of the SDL framework to compiling as a universal binary).

    If anyone's interested in stepping up to the plate, I am definitely available for brain-picking of my limited knowledge of the project. The source code is already available if you want to peruse it yourself: just go to , click on "D2X-XL" in the side menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the "Windows D2X-XL source archive" link. This link is updated very often (sometimes multiple times per day) with the most recent source code and has all the resources necessary for a Mac OS X build. Xcode is required.

    D2X-XL also has a dedicated forum at if you want to discuss anything over there. (I go by simX over there as well.) If you're interested, post here, or send me a private message here or over at .

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