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    Hi guys, I'm excited to be coming back to being a Mac user (switched from a 2013 MBP to a Surface Pro 4 last year, getting the 2016 MBP soon!). I really miss some apps in Mac like Pixelmator but due to work I had to switch to Windows. I mainly deal with remote servers which I will SSH/FTP into and program directly on the server. Sadly, I found the Windows experience more efficient. However, that was last year! Here's hoping that some apps have improved since then. On Windows, I mainly use the WinSCP/Putty combo + Snap to Grid which I adore and would love to hear your recommendations for Mac equivalents.

    - WinSCP equivalent (FTP Client): Important that it is reliable and robust (not disconnecting in the middle of work). Also, it has to be able to automatically upload the local copy to the server when the local copy is saved (Ctrl-S). Also, double clicking the remote copy should download/open a local copy which I can edit and save using a pre-set application (in this case, sublime). I have tried Filezilla and Cyberduck before around a year ago but I felt they weren't up to par in terms of robustness and features (e.g., cannot auto-upload when local file is saved).

    - Putty equivalent: Terminal will be fine. It will be good if the latency is better (e.g., in Ubuntu Terminal/Putty, for a 100 char long sequence, holding the -> arrow key will make the cursor move from the start of the sequence to the end of the sequence much faster than the Mac terminal). I might be getting some settings wrong though.

    - Windows snapping tool: Multiple monitor support and keyboard shortcuts are important. I am actually used to the Windows 10 shortcuts (Cmd + up/down/left/right) so if the tool is exactly the same, this would be preferable. I heard good things about BetterSnapTool but don't know much about its multi-monitor support.

    I have uploaded a sample work desktop for reference (blacked out some parts, sorry).

    Price is not that big of an issue as long as it's not outrageous.

    Thanks! :)

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    Transmit is the FTP client you should look into.

    Terminal is great.

    And macOS Sierra has window snapping.

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