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    Im just having issues figuring out how to format my seagate external hard drive to work with the mac and my PS3. I have figured out that you can put it to MS-DOS (FAT) and it will work with both. BUT... I can only download small files..

    I mainly bought this hard drive to download ripped movies onto so I can save them to my PS3! I mainly rip HD movies (8 GB and higher)...

    Anyways, when I drag a movie over to the HD and drop it, it wont let me do that action and tells me a "code 0"..... NOW... If i format it in OS extended Journal, I can download anything all day long. But when I hook it into the PS3, it doesn't recognize it...

    What format do I need to download HD movies to my external hard drive and transfer to my PS3 so I can watch them?

    I'm pulling my hair out!

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    Fat32 is the only thing that can be used on both. But only a 4gb file size limit.

    You can however just stream video from the mac to the ps3.
    There is a free cross platform program called PS3 Media server. You just tell it where your videos are located and it will stream them over. It can handle almost every video format your computer can as it will transcode them.

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