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    Jun 26, 2015
    Hi Everybody,

    I wonder if anybody has any advice for an problem I'm having at work.

    I am having an issue with a few macs sharing files between each other on a file server.

    If [Mac A] saves a file on it's desktop then copies that file to the share [Mac B] can see the file but it is greyed out and cannot open the file (permissions are fine). The file states the correct creation date but the last modified date is 24 January 1984 and I feel this is the issue which is stopping [Mac B] from opening the file.

    The only way to fix the issue is [Mac A] will have to reopen the file (from the share) and save it with an alternative name then [Mac B] will be able to open the file. Obviously this shouldn't be occurring and isn't practical at all.

    I have also checked the file properties from a windows machine and the modified date is correct, seems like a weird Mac bug!. Both are modern iMacs are using OSX 10.10.3, the problem isn't isolated between these two macs and is happening between 6+ Macs.

    I have attached a screenshot and if you require any more information just let me know.


    Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions as this problem is really blowing my mind!
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