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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by hugemullens, Oct 21, 2003.

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    So i just got a new pc, and with itunes for windows i want to get my 10 gigs of songs off the powerbook over to the pc, and i have no idea how. The PC does not have firewire, so no way to do it there. I want to do it over the network i have at home (wired to keep my hair from being torn out), but clueless as to what i have to setup on the mac and pc. Any help would be appreicated.

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    Re: Mac file sharing to windows

    If you have a router, isn't is as easy as setting up a Windows computer network? All you're really doing is adding a Mac onto the network instead of Windows.

    Try setting up a home network using your new PC, and add your Mac to the network after. I hear its better than trying to set up a home network using your Mac and adding your PC because Windows sucks in comparison to the Mac when it comes to the ease of joining a network.
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    Share a folder on the PC, then choose Connect to Server from Finder's Go menu (or press Cmd-K). You should then be able to navigate through to the shared folder and copy the files over.
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    Re: Mac file sharing to windows

    It should be pretty simple - connect your PowerBook and PC to the network.
    This is all assuming you're using OS X:

    Open System Preferences -> Sharing. Enable Windows File Sharing.

    Now switch to the Accounts preferences. Double-click your user, enter your password, and enable "Allow User to Log In from Windows.

    Then make sure that your mp3 collection is in your Home folder. If it is in its default location, everything will be in Home -> Music -> iTunes. If it isn't, move all your music into into your home folder.

    Assuming you are on a router, your computer should have an IP address. From Windows, look around My Network Places and see if your PowerBook shows up. If not, you can probably get to it from entering smb:\\yourpowerbookipaddress as a URL. It should prompt you for your username/password and then you should be able to copy your music as you would any other files.

    Sorry for the sketchy details at the end, not at my PC...


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