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Oct 6, 2003
I need a smartphone with WiFi that will sync reliably with a Mac. I live in Hong Kong, so the iPhone is not an option.

Just bought a Nokia E61i and installed the iSync Plug-in, but get errors every time I try to sync. The vibration alert also doesn't seem to work. I'm fed up troubleshooting this thing for hours and think I'll return it tomorrow.

So...what are my options? I can only think of the SonyEricsson P1i and the HTC Touch (used with the Missing Sync). Please help me choose something hassle free...


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Mmm, I guess others have had good experiences with Missing Sync, but mine has been that with Windows Mobile 5, it is not very reliable. I don't know about Windows Mobile 6. I know that MarkSpace generally has a good reputation, so I feel bad about bemoaning it, but the Bluetooth syncing was totally hit or miss (and required ridiculous steps like deleting all bluetooth preferences and re-pairing all bluetooth devices on my Mac, to get it to work in the first place), the pop-up bezels and things did not work reliably, there were lots of artificial sync conflicts that should not have been there. It was a much larger pain than my two iSync native compatible phones or my current Blackberry (PocketMac, which generally gets worse reviews, has been flawless for me with my BB...I think that WM5 was more of a culprit than MarkSpace, though).

In terms of good options in this space, though, perhaps the Q? It should be readily available used, it's not too expensive, and it seems like a nice phone. It also appears to work with MissingSync (MS for WM5 is out of beta now). If you can get one unlocked, T-Mobile's Dash (this might have another name elsewhere) seems nice also.

That's assuming you're not particularly wedded to a no-keyboard design.