iPod Mac from PC!


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Jun 30, 2007
I was wondering I have all my songs on my pc. I'm getting my macbook pro friday and I was wondering when I get my pro can I just connect my ipod to the mac even though its formatted windows and open up itunes and click import and import all the songs and vdieos to the MBP library? If not can some1 tell me how or show me a link.


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Aug 13, 2007
I just bought an iMac and backed up my library from my PC to discs. I have an 80gb video ipod with only 8gb used so it took 15 cds to burn it.

I opened itunes on my mac, authorized itunes on my new comp, stuck the first disc in, and restored my entire library.

I plugged in my ipod later and itunes asked me something about erasing everything and replacing with the library from my mac, which i did.

It was time consuming but easy for me since I had nothing else to do. I had no other problems so I'm happy. :p