mac g5 2004 wont boot replaced pram and reset pmu

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by woodchipper, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. woodchipper macrumors newbie

    Feb 27, 2011
    Hello new here Ive been reading your forum and noting simular problems
    between my machine which is a mac g5 dual core ..
    I read 2004 was not a very good year in terms of things crashing.
    ironically I just bought a stand alone drive to back things too
    and then to burn dvds for backup as well....
    We did my sons first and the following day i left room for 10 min
    went back in and my machine was black screen.

    I replaced the pram battery and pushed the pmu button "AFTER"
    replacing that battery and cleaning the machine "Dusty"

    It wont power up at all no boot up.
    Im thinking power supply and at same time thinking
    of moving both drives to my sons g5 to see if his machine sees those drives
    one then allows us a backup to the standalone anyway...

    I want to remove the secondary drive first do that one then
    see if the primary drive will even show up.

    Im nervous about loading both of them at same time...
    also my son said something about having to set switches to make
    that primary secondary before mounting into his machine...

    I must mention his machine is intel based mine is not.
    I was running tiger 10.4.10 Id just looked and it was either 4.10 or 11.

    I am in fear ive lost everything on the hard drives...
    how should i proceed on loading my old drives into the intel based machine
    to back up to stand alone as well try to burn those drives to cd or dvd ?

    Im thinking the secondary drive in my g5 has most of my music
    i do have some on ipod and I had alot of video and mp3 and 4 files there
    on my drives...

    I had a lacie 2 tb stand alone to back all of this too
    but it crashed and burned as well...

    I am concerned its a power supply or even worse..
    First im trying to save my data on two drives...

    any help would be greatly appreciated I can do most of the work
    ive done my own pcs and some work on macs as well so
    im semi confident i could re seat a card or board.

    Im concerned about causing harm to my sons intel based machine..
    even though it has 4 slots for adding in more drives.....

    Im wanting to back up first then burn dvds or cds of the data
    and then worry about the old g5.

    Thanks for reading..
  2. max¥¥ macrumors 6502a

    Aug 7, 2008
    Over there....
    the drives are easy, just pull them from the g5 and put them in another mac / enclosure (has to be a mac, pc won't be able to read the drive) no config needed.

    as for the mac, first do you here a chime?, there are a few simple things to try, first hold command-option-p-r on boot, you should here two chimes, try pulling ram / ram pairs and see if you can get a config that will boot, do you have any expansion cards(usb etc)? if so pull them and see if it boots, if it is a liquid cooled model look for any corrosion / liquid around the lcs system also do you have a spare mac graphics card you can try with, i had this problem yesterday turns out i killed the dvi port on the graphics card

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