Mac G5 Tower sATA / ultra ATA question

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Christopher11, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Please forgive the question regarding older, legacy Macs. It's what I have to work with right now, and I have an issue I could use help with.

    The PSU went on my G4 MDD dual 1.25ghz power pc.

    It has Ultra ATA drives.
    Rather than just replace it, I chose to pick up cheaply a G5 dual 2.0ghz (PCI version) Power PC tower. I even found some ram cheaply and can max it out.

    This G5 uses SATA drives. My issue is: all my data and installed software is on two drives in the previous computer, the G4 I listed above. I would like to just install those hard drives and start up on the G5, with the OS, application and data, etc, just a faster computer.

    Is there a way to adapt the ultra ATA to SATA within the G5 tower? Thanks so much for any replies.
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    +1 to Lou's recommendation. Someone will move your thread over there, typically.

    I'm not positive on the ease of swapping drives, but the G5 uses an ATA/100 bus on its optical drives. I see no reason why you couldn't just pop your drives into the optical bay and boot up using those, even if just to close to a SATA drive. Should take care of your migration issue.

    It would also depend on the OS you are running. Tiger/Leopard should be fine, anything earlier and you might run into issues.

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