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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by adonis3k, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I downloaded a game called Contract Killer 2 from the App store (Was bored and wanted to test it out lol)
    When it plays its fullscreen, but when I move around in the game and move the mouse down it brings the dock up or if I go top of the screen it will display my desktops, how do I get it to stop doing this? rather annoying :mad:

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    I do not know anything about that specific game... but I know the issue.

    Are there settings in the game to choose fullscreen resolutions to run at? If there are, you can fix this by choosing the right fullscreen resolution. There will sometimes be 1 fullscreen res that does just as you see, which has a slightly smaller Y value.

    For example, it'll say fullscreen 1440x878 on a 1440x900 screen.. and it will draw on the desktop.... and you need to choose the real 1440x900.

    If your game doesn't have options to set the resolution, you may be out of luck.
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    Apr 15, 2012
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    This is not really a game "bug" but a side effect of how Apple want their new "Full Screen" API to work. Full Screen for a game works the same as Full Screen in Safari this means your hot corners and dock can be brought up if you place your mouse in a certain location.

    There are unofficial ways round it (we are working on a few ideas for Feral Games) but fully supporting Mission Control and full screen mode while disabling hot corners is not easily possible.

    Older games using Apple's older Full Screen API are not effected but they also don't fully support mission control's windowing. That said if you have a problem I would email their support and let them know. Feedback from users is usually a key factor in working out what issues might need fixing once a game is released.


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